Man holding saplings to plant

Planting Trees With Ecologi

Man holding saplings ready to plant
It is no secret that modern life has a big impact on our world - and we believe that everyone, individual or as a business, should do their part to help sustain and improve our world.  We are constantly incorporating more eco-conscious practices into our business - this means sourcing from local companies and using recycled materials where possible, as well as reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to the world.  
Channel your inner Attenborough!
As a small business, we can make a small impact by being mindful of our sourcing and shipping practices - and there is nothing wrong with small impact!  If everyone does it, we'll make a huge difference!  However, we want to go beyond what we can do alone, and so we have chosen to partner with Ecologi.   For you, this means that by shopping with Wolf & Ivy, you are not only buying beautiful pieces, but also planting a tree with every item you order.  Your purchase will impact communities across the world, helping support the environment and communities that are so important globally.  The cost of each tree is not added on to your purchase - all costs associated with Ecologi are taken out of our profit, giving back to the world as our business grows.
Find out more about Ecologi and the amazing work they do here
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