What are your delivery and returns policies?

All of our information regarding deliveries and returning items can be found here.

Do you have any minimum order quantities?

No, we have no minimum requirements - you can order as many as you need, in as many colour/design combinations as you want.  There are no hidden or extra charges in buying 2 seals compared to 200. 

I want to order seals, but in a colour or design not offered.  What can I do?

We can help - just contact us!  We source stamps and wax colours from all over the world; there's no colour that we can't get our hands on.  Similarly, if you want a design that is not offered, please contact us and we can discuss options from finding a similar seal to a bespoke design. 

I want to order a calligraphy product, but with a different colour or style of ribbon/tassel.  What can I do?

Please contact us with information of what you require.  It is highly likely that we are able to provide what you are looking for, as we work closely with our suppliers to accommodate special requests.